Interior painting

Nothing can transform the look of your home as quickly and inexpensively as interior painting. Get creative with color and application to change walls, built-ins, railings, cabinetry and more.

Mantel Painting

Painting Cabinetry

Entryway Painting

Selecting Paint

While color is very important to the satisfaction of your paint project, the type of paint you choose is just as important. If you are painting a damp space like a bathroom or basement, choose a paint that can resist mildew like Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa. Do you have messy little ones? A paint that is durable and washable is recommended, like Sherwin-Williams Duration Home. If you are painting cabinetry, California Paints offers Ultraplate Waterborne Enamel. This special paint provides a factory-like finish and is able to be scrubbed. A knowledgeable painter will select the proper type of paint for your needs to ensure that your painting project lasts.

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